<% DIM L DIM W DIM H DIM V1 L = trim(request.form("LENGTH")) W = trim(request.form("WIDTH")) H = trim(request.form("HEIGHT")) S = trim(request.form("SELECT")) 'IF L="" or W="" or H="" THEN IF ISNUMERIC(L)= TRUE AND ISNUMERIC(W)= TRUE AND ISNUMERIC(H)= TRUE THEN IF S = cm then STRV = (L * W * H)/6000 V1= "Your Volumetric Weight is: " total =round(strv,2) else STRV = (L * W * H)/366 V1=" Your Volumetric Weight is: " total =round(strv,2) END IF else msg1="Please Enter The Correct Value" END IF %> ANS Express
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   Conversion Fact

 Length Multiply by
Inches to Centimetres 2.54
Centimetres to Inches 0.39
Inches to Millimetres 25.40
Millimetres to Inches 0.04
Feet to Metres 0.31
Metres to Feet 3.28
Yards to Metres 0.91
Metres to Yards 1.09
Miles to Kilometres 1.61
Kilometres to Miles 0.62


Multiply by
Square Inches to Square Centimetres 6.451
Square Centimetres to Square Inches 0.15
Square Feet to Square Metres 0.09
Square Metres to Square Feet 10.76
Square Yards to Square Metres 0.84
Square Metres to Square Yards 1.20
Square Miles to Square Kilometres 2.59
Square Kilometres to Square Miles 0.39
Acres to Hectares 0.40
Hectares to Acres 2.47


Multiply by
Cubic Inches to Cubic Centimetres 16.39
Cubic Centimetres to Cubic Inches 0.06
Cubic Feet to Cubic Metres 0.03
Cubic Metres to Cubic Feet 35.32
Cubic Yards to Cubic Metres 0.76
Cubic Metres to Cubic Yards 1.31
Cubic Inches to Litres 0.02
Litres to Cubic Inches 61.03
Gallons to Litres 4.55

Multiply by
Ounces to Grams 28.35
Grams to Ounces 0.04
Pounds to Kilograms 0.45
Kilograms to Pounds 2.21
Long Tons to Tonnes 1.02
Tonnes to Long Tons 0.98
Short Tons to Tonnes 0.91
Tonnes to Short Tons 1.10
Litres to Gallons 0.22
US Gallons to Litres 3.79
Litres to US Gallons 0.26
Fluid Ounces to Cubic Millilitres 30.77
Cubic Millilitres to Fluid Ounces 0.03
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